Infiniti’s QX50 Has A Cabin Inspired By Luxury Hotels

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But we remain skeptical with ergonomics. 

2018 Infiniti QX50 2.0T AWD

Japanese luxury carmaker Infiniti is trying to build hype around its new QX50, its first properly-new SUV in some time. It’s an important car for the brand, as it carries a lot of modern functionalities and an aesthetic appeal that is new for Infiniti. This will apparently set the tone for Infiniti’s models going forward, hence why they’re still talking about it.

The new aesthetic was apparently inspired by “luxury resort hotels” in both look and feel, hence why Infiniti opted to offer warmer colour tones throughout the cabin. The highlighted colour combination of white and blue (where blue is used as an accent colour) is apparently meant to evoke images of white sandy beaches and azure waters. 

2018 Infiniti QX50 2.0T AWD
“The quest to find the perfect fit of materials, colours, forms and ergonomics have driven our designers and engineers to create the best interior Infiniti has ever produced. The unrivalled interior space, carefully-curated application of colours, high-quality materials, and advanced craftsmanship make the cabin as welcoming and comfortable as it is luxurious.” — Karim Habib, Executive Design Director, INFINITI

While we’ve little reason to doubt the source of inspiration of Infiniti’s new cabin design direction, we’re a little skeptical with regards to the ergonomics of it all. Infiniti’s haven’t exactly been famed for their usability: Our last review of the Q60 coupe showed that their dual-screen infotainment setup (which they appear to have retained in the QX50) is something you either tolerate or loathe. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

2018 Infiniti QX50 2.0T AWD

But what might perhaps worry you more than the potentially-nightmarish ergonomics is the estimated arrival date for the QX50. Infiniti previously stated that the sleek new SUV would be on our shores later this year, but it seems that its been pushed back until “mid-2019” according to comments made by Infiniti Australia’s managing director to our friends at CarAdvice.

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