HSV Confirms Camaro ZL1 Will Offer 477kW

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Production has begun. Have you booked yours yet? 

HSV Confirms Camaro ZL1 Will Offer 477kW – Gallery

Ahead of the actual arrival of HSV’s long-awaited Camaro ZL1, the company’s finally released the two most important numbers that everyone has been dying to hear: Power, and torque.

So it’s confirmed then that the 6.2-litre V8, which has been employed in everything from the GTS-R W1 to the Corvette, will make in the Camaro ZL1… 477kW, and 881Nm.

There are no mechanical changes to the motor, HSV points out, so it’s exactly the same mill that you get in the US. Only the most observant among you will notice that the 485kW quoted for the same engine in the US is more than what we’re getting, but HSV would like you to know that that’s only because the motor we get here is tested and rated to European standards, while the 485kW figure is the result of subjecting the same mill to US standards.


HSV Confirms Camaro ZL1 Will Offer 477kW – Gallery

What HSV hasn’t yet publicised is how quickly the Camaro will go from 0-100km/h, but it’s clear that its relative light weight (compared to the last proper-Aussie Commodore with the same mill) will mean it’ll leap off the line like a bull hit with a branding iron.

“As a brand is synonymous with higher performance, these power numbers are sure to inspire GM, HSV, and performance enthusiasts alike. It is truly an exceptional vehicle, and all at HSV are excited that production has finally begun." – Tim Jackson, Managing Director, Holden Special Vehicles (HSV)
HSV Confirms Camaro ZL1 Will Offer 477kW – Gallery

HSV undertakes the conversion process from left- to right-hand drive themselves, and the very first of the right-hook ZL1’s are rolling off the Clayton line as we speak. 60 HSV dealers will sell you one of these things, which will come with a 3-year/100,000km warranty.

300 are expected to be made before the new year, with a long list of orders ready and waiting despite the borderline-ridiculous $160k pricetag. That’s not even including metallic paint (an $850 option), or the 10-speed auto (that’s another $2200). And if you book one today you might just get it before Christmas (wouldn’t that be nice) but frankly, that’s rather unlikely.

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