2020 Chevrolet Camaro Got A New Face, And Quick

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Grievances aired by fans meant that Chevy had to work fast.

’20 Chevrolet Camaro Got A New Face, And Quick

1966 was the year when, after having watched their enemies at Ford make an absolute-killing with the (still) beautiful Mustang, General Motors fired back at the Blue Oval with what it believed would be the sports car to define a generation. It was called the Chevrolet Camaro which most certainly failed to become the icon of its time, but definitely managed to give the Mustang a scare upon its arrival in 1966.

Fast forward to about a year ago, and Chevrolet pulled the wraps off the ‘2019 redesign’ of the Camaro, which most notably, featured a rather odd face. Instead of having the upper and lower grille bisected by a body-coloured piece (as it had almost always featured since shortly after Moses parted the Red Sea), Chevrolet decided to paint that bar black and, perhaps most offensively, moved the ‘Bowtie’ badge onto that black bar, rather than leave it on the slim upper grille the way it was meant to be.

’20 Chevrolet Camaro Got A New Face, And Quick’20 Chevrolet Camaro Got A New Face, And Quick

*The ‘old’ face in orange on the left, the new one on the right. See what we mean?

This definitely put the Camaro in line with the face seen on Chevy’s trucks, but that in itself was a problem. You don’t put a truck face on a muscle car. And that was the conclusion arrived at by fans across the globe, that essentially told Chevrolet to fix their cock up or they wouldn’t buy it.

So they’ve fixed it. Now the bisecting bar is rightfully in body colour and, most importantly, the Bowtie is on the upper grille where it’s meant to be. No other changes were made though so it’s still got slim headlights, nice prominent haunches and a back end that screams ‘muscle car.’ All is right with the world again.

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