Honda NSX To Be Sold At Five Australian Dealerships

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2016 Honda NSX Arrives In Australia

The second-generation NSX hybrid sports car will be going on sale at selected Honda dealerships across the country following the Australian arrival of a pre-production unit in Melbourne which will see duty in an upcoming nationwide roadshow.

This currently sole NSX in Australia will be touring the five dealerships that Honda has nominated to sell the forthcoming units starting late this year. They are: Yarra Honda (VIC), Scotts Honda (NSW), Austral Honda (QLD), Noridc Honda (SA), and Burswood Honda (WA).

2016 Honda NSX Arrives In Australia2016 Honda NSX Arrives In Australia2016 Honda NSX Arrives In Australia

According to Honda Australia Director, Stephen Collins, the NSX will have an important role as the brand’s halo car.

“We expect the NSX to be a very exclusive car and as a technology and design statement, it represents the pinnacle of Honda automotive expertise. It’s already gained rave reviews in other markets, providing exhilarating performance, handling and luxury in a supercar.”

Developed between Honda’s engineering teams in Japan and North America and produced at Honda’s Performance Manufacturing Centre in Marysville, Ohio, the second-generation NSX is arguably the company’s most advanced road-going creation yet. It sports a 3.5-litre twin-turbocharged V6 engine mated to a nine-speed dual-clutch transmission that’s augmented by an electric Direct Drive Motor in between as well as two high output electric motors at each front wheel for instant power, torque, and traction.

2016 Honda NSX Arrives In Australia2016 Honda NSX Arrives In Australia2016 Honda NSX Arrives In Australia

Working in tandem, they allow the NSX to develop a combined output of 427kW and 645Nm which allows for a 2.9 second sprint time from rest to 100km/h.

More information on availability, pricing, and final specifications will surface closer to the full launch date and customer requests about the new NSX will be directed to the five aforementioned authorised NSX dealers.

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