Honda NSX Roadster May Debut Within Year’s End

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Honda NSX Roadster May Debut Within Year’s End

The first of Honda’s second generation NSX rolled off the production line in Marysville, Ohio, in earliest days of 2016 (as an Acura), but only now has the Japanese automaker seemed to breathed about an open top roadster variant joining the line-up.

Since its inception, a large amount of focus has been directed at the American-built successor to the original NSX of the 1990s - not just because of its pedigree, but also due to the considerable scope of its development. The Honda supercar would be packed to the gills with future-facing technology, requiring all-new components and systems be developed to manage mid-mounted twin-turbocharged 3.5-litre V6 engine, its three supplementary electric motors, and regenerative hybrid architecture.

Honda NSX Roadster May Debut Within Year’s End

A bit over 2 full years into production, Honda is apparently re-exploring the NSX and how to capture new buyers, according to a report by German publication Autobild. While larger changes to the car’s styling and/or powertrain might require more of a wait to see materialise, an open top roadster body style could premiere as early as this year.

This NSX roadster would sport all the same design cues as the hardtop as well as retaining the hybrid-assisted all-wheel drive (Sport Hybrid SH-AWD) layout that puts a total of 427kW and 645Nm to the ground. However, exactly how Honda’s engineers will choose to tackle the removable roof matter is unclear, as is the question of whether they will use a folding metal roof or a lighter fabric one.

Honda NSX Roadster May Debut Within Year’s EndHonda NSX Roadster May Debut Within Year’s EndHonda NSX Roadster May Debut Within Year’s End

Another uncertainty, with both possibilities almost equally matched, is whether the NSX roadster will be a full open top with everything beyond the headrests being exposed to the elements with the  roof retracted, or a targa that leaves in place the coupe’s existing roofline and buttresses.

Honda has been also testing a few NSX prototypes at the Nurburgring circuit in Germany, corroborating rumours that the company is paying renewed attention at their performance project and hinting at a more powerful Type R variant. The fact that its shape matches the current NSX lends a touch more credence to the ‘targa’ argument as well.

Honda NSX Roadster May Debut Within Year’s End

It’s possible that, following the unveil of the NSX roadster, the company is planning a broader update of the NSX range that should roll out over the next couple of years. Following the limited production run of the Porsche 918 Spyder, LaFerrari, and McLaren P1, the NSX remains the only purpose-built mid-engine hybrid performance model still on sale despite being priced much less than those hypercars.

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