Ford AU Launches 2nd Car Program - Own One, Drive Two

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Ford AU Launches 2nd Car Program - Own One, Drive Two

Ford Australia last week announced a world’s first service, one that would essentially allow owners of the Ranger and/or Escape to have access to the Mustang ownership experience for an extended period.

Called the 2nd Car program, it’s akin to the kind of fixed subscription services offered abroad by premium automakers which give customers access to a variety of cars, depending on need and availability, for a convenient monthly fee.

Ford AU Launches 2nd Car Program - Own One, Drive TwoFord AU Launches 2nd Car Program - Own One, Drive Two

Similarly, Ford’s idea is to give customers the chance to buy one new car, but the experience of owning a second - that being the most exciting one in the Ford AU stable, the Mustang. However, the program is limited - at least for the time being - for customers within 2 years of their ownership of either a Ranger or an Escape.

Upon purchase of this new Ford, a $500 enrolment fee is required to participate, and from that there is a booking fee that varies depending on the type of vehicle bought and the length of time they intend to take charge of the Mustang. The booking process, meanwhile, is handled using Ford Australia’s own online portal, allowing customers to choose certain particulars of their desired Mustang.

Ford AU Launches 2nd Car Program - Own One, Drive Two

“2nd Car not only offers new Ford buyers a great car ownership experience, it also offers access to a great sharing experience,” said Christine Wagner, Program Manager, Ford 2nd Car. “We believe this program offers excellent value and flexibility – another reason to join the Ford family.”

For Ranger owners, $250 gets you a week’s access to the Mustang and $500 buys you the maximum duration of two weeks. Escape owners, on the other hand, are asked to pay $375 and $750 respectively. Customers must be a Private or Blue Business Fleet buyer purchasing a new or demonstrator vehicle and must be fully licensed and over 25 years of age.

Ford AU Launches 2nd Car Program - Own One, Drive Two

There are other terms to the program as well, as you’d expect, such as those concerning the care of and distance travelled in the car. For example, the Mustang is required to be returned before 5pm on the agreed date with a full tank else there be a penalty incurred, with a maximum of 1500km per week driven.

Other infractions include some rather obvious ones such as damaged done to the car while in the care of the customer, driving under the influence, using it as a ride share, carrying dangerous or hazardous material. Basically, just take good care of the car.

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