Ford Announces GT Carbon Series – Down 18kg

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But seriously up on exclusivity.

2018 Ford GT Carbon Edition

American carmaker Ford announced recently that, on the back of serious demand, they will make 350 more GT supercars than they originally intended to. However, that’s not all they have planned for the GT, as they’ve publicised this week the arrival of a new variant of the GT that aims to marry the comforts of the standard car with some of the ruthless agility of the GT Competition Series.

Meet the Ford GT Carbon Series.

“This is just another example of how we listen to our customers here at Ford. While the Ford GT Competition model appeals to hardcore racing enthusiasts, we found more customers asking for more exposed carbon fibre, with the air-conditioning and radio intact. So we developed the Carbon Series, to satisfy that need while providing a distinct look.” — Lance Mosley, Marketing Manager, Ford Performance
2018 Ford GT Carbon Edition

Like the name suggests, the GT Carbon Series aims to utilise as much CFRP (carbon-fibre reinforced plastic) as possible, to reduce weight which in turn increases agility and responsiveness. The result of using all that CFRP is pretty clear: The GT Carbon weighs in at some 18kg less than the standard car, and makes it the lightest GT currently available.

Starting with the exterior, the GT Carbon comes with full carbon-fibre wheels with titanium lug nuts (you don’t want those nicked), along with a titanium exhaust system and a polycarbonate hatch out the back. Bits of the CFRP have been cut out in various panels (mostly unseen) to further reduce weight. 

2018 Ford GT Carbon Edition2018 Ford GT Carbon Edition

Stepping inside and you’re greeted with mostly the standard Ford GT interior, until you start looking at the details. You still get SYNC3 and air-conditioning (a couple of niceties removed from the GT Competition), but you lose cupholders, and a drivers-side door bin. Who needs practicality from a GT anyway?

There’s a ton of exposed carbon-fibre (as expected) from the exterior stripes, the A-pillars, and the lower body panels. The air register pod, door sills, and even the centre console get CFRP, though exterior carbon bits are gloss, while interior carbon bits are matte. All that CFRP is set off by four optional accent colours (either silver, orange, red, or blue) that go on the mirror caps, centre stripes, and callipers, while the interior gets a unique silver-stitched seat pattern. 

The Ford GT Carbon Series doesn’t feature any mechanical upgrades, so it continues to offer up 483kW and 746Nm from its 3.5-litre turbocharged V6 mill, which tops out at 348km/h.

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