Facelifted Mercedes-AMG To Feature A ‘Mild’ Power Hike

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But what does AMG consider mild?

Facelifted Mercedes-AMG To Feature A ‘Mild’ Power Hike

What will come as no surprise to anyone is that the imminent mid-life update that Mercedes-AMG is developing for their flagship GT will feature, among other things, more power. But it would appear that the Germans are being more disciplined about it, not giving into the the nonsensical hunger for power for the mere sake of it.

But this is AMG. Affalterbach’s whole schtick is predicated on the steady pursuit of European muscle, right? According to Autocar, the upcoming update for the GT will only feature “mild” boost in power from its M178 twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8. Of course, their definition might greatly differ from ours.

The car itself has been seen blasting around the Nurburgring in some late-stage testing work while wearing camouflage only on certain key areas of the body. We can expect the visual changes from the original GT, then, to be equally ‘mild’ too. This is somewhat expected since Mercedes-AMG did already touch up the GT’s fascia quite recently - in late 2016 to coincide with the launch of the track-focused GT R and and the more touring-focused GT C.

Facelifted Mercedes-AMG To Feature A ‘Mild’ Power Hike

Back to the engine, though, which shouldn’t see any dramatic alterations besides perhaps some higher boost pressures along with some software optimisations to help it adapt without causing significantly detrimental effects on fuel economy and exhaust emissions. It would be nice to see the changes be more grass roots, such as AMG introducing lighter internals or increasing having the redline set higher, but alas the practices analogue tuning its far too financially inefficient.

As it currently stands, the base GT produces 340kW and 600Nm, which is plenty for a car with just a sneeze above 1,600kg to haul. Of course, those figures climb to 430kW and 700Nm when talking about the GT R. Should the impetus arrive to push that further north - something AMG is wont to do - we could see the M178 finally push past 447kW.

Facelifted Mercedes-AMG To Feature A ‘Mild’ Power Hike

Another interesting development, in terms of timing, is the fact that the company is also developing their first hybrid powertrain to premiere on their AMG internally developed first four-door coupe. While that’s due to use Benz’s new 3.0-litre straight six as its heart, they’ve surely experimented with the same electrification methods on their most powerful motor. As the first generation AMG GT pushes into its latter years, perhaps this is how they achieve its most potent manifestation.

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