Renault Twizy Is Faster Than AMG GT R In Reverse

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Because better ideas were not found.

Renault Twizy Is Faster Than AMG GT R In Reverse

At the end of the year, motoring hacks like us tend to struggle a bit for content. Carmakers are generally in quiet mode, there aren’t any major launches, all the motor shows are over… so we get up to some pretty seriously idiotic antics. We bet the guys at TopGear were bored too, as that could have been the only state of mind when they dreamt up the idea of pitting a Renault Twizy against a Mercedes-AMG GT R in reverse.

With a long-enough runway and a driver with a hand steady enough to run the AMG, the British publication put the two cars on the start line with some pretty hilarious results. The Twizy surprised us a bit admittedly as we’d thought the instant torque of its electric system would have sent it flying, but that’s what happens when you have a motor that small. 

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