Carlex EXY 6x6 Is No Longer An X-Class, Really

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Tri-axle fever is hitting the tuners hard.

2018 Carlex Design EXY 6x6 Concept

There are few tuners who are as familiar with Mercedes-Benz’s first-ever ute, the X-Class, as Polish firm Carlex Design. They’ve already had several go’s at the pickup with… interesting results to say the least, with each modded X-Class looking bolder and more assertive than the last.

But Carlex intends to embark on an ambitious new project with the X-Class that will go beyond the usual aesthetic revisions. This time they want to add their unique styling touches, and a third driven axle. That’s right: The X-Class will now have its own 6x6 sibling, albeit without Mercedes-Benz’s blessing.

2018 Carlex Design EXY 6x6 Concept

The Polish design firm has been light on the technical details of the EXY 6x6, but promises that it’s under construction and will be unveiled as soon as it’s ready, though we’re made to understand that it’s not exactly close-to-ready at this point. Extensive engineering work will have to go into making it all usable, which we can only imagine will take a significant amount of time.

Under the bonnet we don’t expect to see changes at all, given that Carlex has generally steered clear of screwing with Mercedes’ engineering knowhow. That said though, the EXY 6x6 is very much an engineering project as it is a redesign, which means they might just take the 3.0-litre V6 and dial it up further than the 190kW/550Nm that it puts out as standard (and if they manage to do it with just an ECU-reflash, they could make a tidy profit selling those).

2018 Carlex Design EXY 6x6 Concept

How realistic these renders are remains to be seen, as we can only imagine that some things will be tweaked and/or scrapped between conceptualisation and realisation. We can’t help but wonder though: Given that Mercedes-Benz sells the X350d at nearly $80k despite only having four wheels, can you imagine how expensive this thing will be?

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