Mercedes-Benz Australia In Hot Water After Failing To Initiate Airbag Recall

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Additional 78k Cars With Faulty Takata Airbags Identified On Oz Roads

The Takata airbag recall saga has a new development. Mercedes-Benz Australia has failed to initiate a compulsory recall for cars fitted with faulty inflators in the required time, announced the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

“Mercedes-Benz failed to comply with its obligations to initiate recalls under the Takata compulsory recall, potentially putting the lives of drivers and passengers at risk, and failed to inform anyone of the delay,” ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard said.

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In response to that, the German luxury marque said, “Mercedes-Benz has elected to develop, certify and install improved airbag modules that do not use ammonium nitrate inflators to ensure they will not be subject to a further recall for the same concern. Due to extensive global demand for the new airbags, Mercedes-Benz Australia has been unable to meet the recall timeframes previously agreed with the ACCC for certain C-Class (W204) and E-Class (C207 and W212) vehicles equipped with affected Takata airbags. These Mercedes-Benz vehicles are not equipped with ‘alpha’ or ‘critical’ Takata airbags.”

According to the Mercedes-Benz website, the airbags will be replaced in stages as the units are currently being manufactured. “The staged recall is designed to prioritise the oldest vehicles and those located in High Humidity/High Temperature areas Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia. This will ensure an orderly and responsible use of parts availability and give priority to those vehicles that may have an increased degree of risk. If your vehicle is included in the compulsory recall then your vehicle’s affected Takata airbag inflators will be replaced as part of a staged approach according to vehicle age and location factors.”   

Additional 78k Cars With Faulty Takata Airbags Identified On Oz Roads

Mercedes-Benz Australia says they are committed – as their parts supplier has been confirmed – to replacing all affected Takata airbags before the completion deadline of 31st December 2020, as required by the compulsory recall notice. To date, Mercedes-Benz claims their recall completion rate to be at 73.7 percent.

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