BMW To Peddle ‘M3 Pure’ With RWD & Manual Globally

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BMW To Peddle ‘M3 Pure’ With RWD & Manual Globally

In Australia, we’re fortunate enough to receive a slightly less expensive, somewhat more driver-focused and analogue variant of the BMW M2 called the M2 Pure. Often, especially with high performance, the less you include in the car, the better it tends to be. Now it seems the German automaker and its M division now sees the appeal in offering a similar choice for its upcoming M3.

For the incoming super saloon, Car Magazine has reportedly heard from an inside source that the G20-based M3 will be offered globally an as M3 Pure to complement the more lavishly equipped ‘standard M3’ and up. Naturally, being a BMW, the omissions will not be severely detrimental to comfort or feel in quality.

BMW To Peddle ‘M3 Pure’ With RWD & Manual GloballyBMW To Peddle ‘M3 Pure’ With RWD & Manual Globally

Rather, much like M2 Pure, the car will not be fitted as standard with an automatic transmission, either a torque converter or dual-clutch, but rather three pedals and a gear stick, allowing the driver full control to swap cogs when and as quickly or slowly as they want. Crucially, this purported M3 Pure will also not include the standard car’s (rear-biased) M xDrive all-wheel drive, a system that first made its debut in the F90 M5.

That might mean the M3 Pure will likely lose a straight drag race against foes like the Audi RS4 and Mercedes-AMG C 63 4Matic, but for a lot of prospective owners, sprints to 100km/h are hardly more important than maintaining a true sense of rear-drive handling purity. The weight saving from not requiring the front wheels be driven could also prove useful.

BMW To Peddle ‘M3 Pure’ With RWD & Manual Globally

Apart from not receiving as much standard equipment or ‘features’ as the standard M3, the Pure will also be differentiated in more plain ways. For example, as the report goes, the car will be the recipient of a slightly different front fascia, different wheels, and some different (again, less expensive) interior elements.

Should BMW M follow the same brief as they had with the M2 Pure, there’s little doubt that the next M3 will become very popular; and with the unusual pleasure of having its most basic variant be the most sought after and canonical ‘best’ in the range.

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