BMW May Halt M3 Production In May 2018

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BMW May Halt M3 Production In May 2018

WLTP, or Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure, is overly abbreviated acronym that one might not at all link with the possible early demise of the F80 BMW M3. But because the new fuel consumption and emissions testing standard takes over from NEDC (which was drafted in the 1980s), the Munich automaker might accelerate its planned demise rather than having to adapt to the new standards certification process.

Due to this, and perhaps because it somehow plays into the ramp-up to BMW’s launch of their all-new 3 Series, production of the slower-selling four-door M car is reportedly due to end in May 2018. According to BMW Blog, the F82 M4 coupe, which shares much of the current M3’s structural and mechanical aspects, seems to be unaffected by this change.

BMW May Halt M3 Production In May 2018

The main hurdle surrounds the new Otto particulate filter that would be required fitment for new cars sold in Europe under the WLTP rules from June 1st, 2018. Due to packaging constraints, retrofitting the M3 with this filter would prove too costly and inconvenient to be done at scale, prompting BMW to cease production early.

Though, that doesn’t mean that the M4 and 4 Series coupe have much time on their hands either. We’re talking a mere few months’ extension between the early culling of the M3 before sands of time come for the M4 and its ilk.

We’re uncertain if - and for how long - BMW will be selling the F30 3 Series. Presumably, non-performance variants do have enough space surrounding the exhaust system to have the Otto filter installed without too much effort. The M3, it would seem, is a victim of its own design.

BMW May Halt M3 Production In May 2018

If true, we might have to wait until the all-new generation of 3 Series launches before we are treated to a next-generation M3. The trouble is that that’s not expected to happen until some time beyond 2020, which is the model year in which the new 3er will make its entrance.

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