BMW M2 CS Racing Introduced As Latest Entry-Level Track Weapon

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BMW M2 CS Racing Introduced As Latest Entry-Level Track Weapon

As any petrolhead will tell you, nothing really improves the breed more than racing. For those not in the know, BMW M Motorsport have been building and racing track weapons of every sort for decades and uses their on-track garnered experience to make their cars as exciting as can be around a circuit. Their latest endeavour is the M2 CS Racing.

Not long ago we showed you the Racing’s road-going sibling, the M2 CS, which plucked the 331kW 3.0-litre twin-turbo straight-sixer out of an M4 Competition fired through a manual gearbox and has been described by some as perhaps the last uncorrupted M car to come out of Munich.

As mentioned, BMW Motorsport builds race machines for its customer racing market and is introducing the M2 CS Racing as their brand new entry-level class offering. It’s aimed at teams partaking in events such as the VLN Endurance Championship and TC America racing series. The CS Racing is preceded by the M235i Racing and M240i Racing.

BMW M2 CS Racing Introduced As Latest Entry-Level Track Weapon

The race-ready package is powered by the same S55 inline-six mill found in the CS but not in the same state of tune as regulations apply to the Racing. Here, it will be making between 205 and 268kW depending on the individual racing rules; the torque figure meanwhile remains unchanged at 550Nm. BMW states that owners can enable various levels of potency via a ‘power stick’ and says that they will soon offer a package that turns up the output to 331kW as found in the CS. The Racing is fed by an 84-litre FT3 safety fuel tank that can be fuelled on either side.

Channeling that power onto the black top is a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission which has been applied using specialist motorsport software connected to a Drexler limited-slip differential via a specially manufactured drive shaft and then onto race-ready 18-inch wheels wrapped in sticky Michelin Pilot Sport S9L slicks.

Furthermore, helping to keeping all that grunt tamed is a host of improvements made to the chassis and suspension such as three-level adjustable anti-roll bars at both ends, ZF Sachs racing dampers, spherical suspension bearings and reworked steering linkages.  

BMW M2 CS Racing Introduced As Latest Entry-Level Track Weapon

Stopping power is provided by six-piston Alcon units up front squeezing a pair of 380mm discs while the rears get a four-piston setup with the same disc diameter as the front. Both ends get improved cooling over the standard car.

Finally, the body of the Racing comes with an FIA and DMSB-approved safety roll cage made by BMW M Motorsport, a carbon composite roof like the CS, front splitter, adjustable rear wing, regulation tow rings, an air jack system and quick-release locks on the bonnet and boot. Additional lights for 24-hour endurance racing are also optional. Inside, you’ll find all the usual racing fixtures such as adjustable bucket seats, six-point safety harness, removable steering wheel and a large rearview mirror. Interestingly, the Racing still retains its standard air-conditioning system.

The BMW M2 CS Racing will be priced from 95,000 (plus VAT) in Europe.

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