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2018 BMW Concept Z4

German luxury car juggernaut BMW has pulled the wraps off its new Concept Z4, which will be making its in-the-metal debut at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance later this month. The Concept Z4 is primarily a vehicle (get it) to preview the upcoming Z4 roadster, which is due for replacement rather soon.

“The BMW Concept Z4 is an all-out driving machine. Stripping the car back to the bare essentials allows the driver to experience all the ingredients of motoring pleasure with supreme directness. This is total freedom, on four wheels. The BMW Concept Z4 expresses the new BMW design language from all perspectives and in all details. From the dynamic front to the striking flanks to the clean-cut tail, a few lines and the subtle interplay between surfaces are enough to generate a sense of power and emotion.” — Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President of Group Design, BMW
2018 BMW Concept Z42018 BMW Concept Z42018 BMW Concept Z42018 BMW Concept Z4

It’s clear to see that while the Concept Z4 is like no BMW before it, it maintains the traditional proportions of roadsters from time immemorial. A long wheelbase, an elongated bonnet, short overhangs on either-end and a central passenger cell, it all reeks of roadsters from a time gone by. Encapsulating those age-old rules are entirely modern elements, from the sculpted surfaces and dynamic surface play.

The mix between complex and simple surfaces ensure that every panel and every aspect of the Concept Z4 is aesthetically astounding, with the design story beginning from the front. The “shark nose” starts creases and curves that extend all the way down the flanks, with the large air intakes up front necessitating the placement of equally-large ‘Air Breathers’ just behind the front wheels. The paintwork has been used in such a way to further emphasise the visual dynamics of the car, twisting to emphasise the muscular rear haunches and the overall athleticism of the car, as well as the rear-wheel drive powertrain. The Concept Z4 sits on 20-inch light-alloy wheels, with a bi-colour finish.

2018 BMW Concept Z42018 BMW Concept Z42018 BMW Concept Z4

The cabin is designed to ensconce the driver in a focused cockpit, with all controls and displays angled toward the pilot. Further, the cabin features a dual-tone colour scheme, with the drivers’ half in a charcoal finish, while the passengers’ side is trimmed in hides and materials that match the ‘Energetic Orange’ exterior paint finish. Two screens face the driver, one sitting ahead of the steering wheel providing a fully-digital instrument display, while the other (in a stunning geometric shape) functions as an infotainment display.

BMW insists that the Concept Z4 is “pared back” in its design and function, with the controls themselves grouped in “function islands” to ensure that the driver is never distracted from the driving experience. The rest of the cabin exudes a minimalist experience, though details hide in plain sight. The chrome accents throughout the interior, the laser-cut hexagonal motifs in the seats, and the carbon-fibre door sill finishes are examples of this philosophy.

2018 BMW Concept Z4

While this is strictly a concept car, the Concept Z4 does provide a strong preview of what we can expect to see in the production model, slated for its debut sometime next year. Water it down to a degree, and it’s obvious that the next-generation Z4 will bring the nameplate back with a bang, with the first-generation Z4’s timeless design finally receiving a proper successor (especially after the entirely unremarkable second-generation model that is still with us now).

With BMW Z4 will commence production after the official launch and production of the BMW 8-Series, itself previewed with its own drool-inducing concept car. Check out the galleries below to enjoy the sheer beauty of BMW’s latest concept, though we’d recommend saving it for the end of the day.

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