2019 BMW Z4 Leaks… On A Toyota Supra Forum

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Not where you’d expect, eh? 

2019 BMW Z4 Leaks On A Toyota Supra Forum – Gallery

BMW’s preparing to unveil its latest-generation Z4 roadster at the Pebble Beach, which is set to open next week. But it seems that the Z4 just can’t wait to show itself, with the roadster having just been outed online on a forum.

What’s interesting is that the Z4, which is being developed alongside the Toyota Supra, has been outed on what appears to be the wrong forum: These clear, gorgeous photos of what appears to be a BMW Z4 have debuted on the SupraMkV site. 

2019 BMW Z4 Leaks On A Toyota Supra Forum – Gallery

What we’re quite happy to see is that the design of the Z4 hasn’t differed much from what was seen in the concept that preceded it. The front end just looks absolutely menacing and is definitely a reinterpretation of what we’ve come to expect from BMW, with perhaps the first-ever ‘rearrangement’ of the brands’ light signature, while the kidney-grille is perhaps the widest we’ve seen in a long time.

The profile features a very prominent vent just behind the rear wheels, while the rear of the Z4 looks quite in-keeping with what BMW’s been doing lately, replete with the prominent L-shaped light signatures that was first really seen in full on the new 8-Series grand-tourer. 

2019 BMW Z4 Leaks On A Toyota Supra Forum – Gallery

When the Z4 debuts later this month, the lineup is expected to be headlined by an “extremely powerful” M40i with an inline-6 petrol mill, with perhaps more than 300kW on tap. The same engine will be used in the Toyota Supra that it shares its platform with, but it’ll be detuned somewhat (or so we’ve been told). But the Z4 will make use of a ZF-built 8-speed automatic transmission, though a manual will likely be offered, perhaps even at no cost.

With the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance set to open on the 23rd of August, we’re waiting to glean a whole bunch of details on the new Z4 in the very near future.

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