BMW 8-Series Convertible Adds Beauty To The Beast

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And we thought the Coupé was pretty.

2018 BMW 8-Series Convertible

German luxury carmaker BMW has introduced the second member of its recently-reintroduced 8-Series family, which offers a greater sense of theatre and drama than the already-gorgeous and immensely-potent 8-Series Coupé that we saw first back in the middle of June. The 8-Series Convertible is the latest-and-greatest 8er on the block (until the GranCoupe arrives that is), and while we liked the 8er Coupé quite a bit, words can’t describe just how infatuated this writer is with this Convertible.

BMW assures that the new 8-Series Convertible loses very little in the way of refinement and cabin comfort, something that buyers in this segment will place as top priority. As such, the company assures that there’s excellent sound insulation from the canvas top that “pulls taut over the interior when closed.” Don’t know why they highlighted that, but make of it what you’d like. 

2018 BMW 8-Series Convertible

The folding top can be opened or shut in just 15-seconds, and can operate at speeds of up to 50km/h. BMW also says that the operation is conducted in a “hush,” which again, is a rather odd thing to highlight. With the roof down, the 8-Series Convertible looks sleek and agile, with only a couple of domes behind the rear headrest added to complete the 8er’s ‘decapitation.’ Of course there are rollover bars, which sit in those domes, though with any luck you’ll never see them.

There are no mechanical changes to report, with the 8-Convertible available as an 840d xDrive and M850i xDrive, just like the coupe. The oiler puts out 235kW/680Nm (which matches a Honda Civic Type R, mind) and hits 100km/h in just 5.2-seconds. V8 aficionados will benefit from a beefier 390kW/750Nm, which gets the big Convertible to 100km/h from rest in a more impressive 3.9-seconds. Not bad for something that weighs over two tonnes. 

2018 BMW 8-Series Convertible

Both models come with the same 8-speed auto and all-wheel drive system, as well as adaptive dampers from M Performance, active steering, active body-control and a variety of advanced driver-assist kit. Prices start in the UK from £83,270 for the diesel and rise to £107,045 for the V8, though as with any BMW, that’s before you start perusing the unbelievably-long options list…

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