BMW Australia Lobs New 8 Series Entry Model

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BMW Australia Lobs New 8 Series Entry Model

The new 8 Series has established BMW as a legitimate contender in the high end grand tourer space, but this tone was mostly set by the debut variant (M850i xDrive) that featured a 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8. In that guise, few would question the legitimacy of it sharing a shortlist with, say, the Aston Martin DB11 or Mercedes-AMG S-Class Coupe.

It also meant that early customers of the car, at least in Australia, had to be in the market for something with that level of performance. For the more conservative who perhaps fancied a more subtle 3.0-litre inline-6 were out of luck. Until now.

Available as both a coupe and convertible, the 840i will be arriving in September and starts $202,900 and $217,900 respectively, representing a gulf of some $73,000 between it and its brawnier sibling. Bear in mind as well that the more performant M8 Competition is on its way too.

BMW Australia Lobs New 8 Series Entry Model

“Since its official release, the BMW 8 Series has surpassed sales expectations and received positive media attention. Now is the perfect opportunity to introduce the 840i variant as a new entry point into the 8 Series range. With a sleek modern design, sports performance attributes and expansive equipment list, it presents a compelling offer for those seeking a luxurious grand touring experience,” said Vikram Pawah, CEO of BMW Group Australia.

Instead of getting caught up in the power race, this new entry model still packs plenty to love. The B58 3.0-litre unit is no slouch either, able to propel the large rear-driven two-door to 100km/h from rest in just 5.0 seconds thanks to its Supra-matching 250kW/500Nm output. Plenty brisk, then.

BMW Australia Lobs New 8 Series Entry Model

Visually, there shouldn’t be too many obvious differentiators to separate the 840i and M850i xDrive. Both will arrive fully kitted out with the M Sport treatment. To the casual observer, they might even look like identical cars.

The good news continues with an equipment sheet that doesn’t seem to compromise on niceties either. Highlights include 20-inch alloys, 374mm M Sport brakes, an M Sport Differential, Merino leather upholstery, heated and ventilated front seats, wireless phone charging, Active Steering, BMW Comfort Access, a 10.25-inch iDrive control display.

BMW Australia Lobs New 8 Series Entry ModelBMW Australia Lobs New 8 Series Entry ModelBMW Australia Lobs New 8 Series Entry Model

As usual for BMWs, each car can be improved by selecting a few items from the options list. For example, and just like the M850i xDrive, either versions of the 840i can be fitted with M Sport seats for $2,600.

For an extra $3,900, the M Sport Plus package can be added which adds lighter alloys that pair it with higher performance tyres, larger 395mm front brake rotors, M Seat Belts, M Rear Spoiler (Coupe only), BMW Individual High-Gloss Shadow Line accents, and (shocker!) a tyre pressure indicator.

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