Bentley Teases ’20 Flying Spur… With Door Cards?

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Is this what gets Bentley owners hot under the collar? We don’t know.

Bentley Teases ’20 Flying Spur… With Door Cards – Gallery

British luxury automotive house Bentley have released a teaser image of their upcoming all-new 2020 Flying Spur limousine, intended to drum up interest and buzz around the new model. Problem is that they’ve sort of bombed because, rather than showing an evocative body line or an exciting light signature, they’ve taken a photo of… a door card.

To be fair, this is a claimed automotive-first, a three-dimensional textured leather trim. This was developed by the highly-skilled craftspeople in Crewe, and “is just one of many new advanced features that Bentley will introduce” with the new Flying Spur.

The only thing that sort of upsets this writer is that this textured leather nonsense… looks like it was made by a machine. The appeal (to this writer) of these ultra-luxury products is the human touch – take for example the Kiriko cut-glass and hand-pleated door cards that you can specify as a (very expensive) option for the new Lexus LS. That’s craftsmanship right there, whereas this looks like something designed on an autoCAD and then executed by a machine worth more than some annual salaries.

Bentley Teases ’20 Flying Spur… With Door Cards – Gallery

Regardless, the new Flying Spur will arrive before the year is up, as the penultimate highlight of Bentley’s centenary year. Owing to the occasion, there are extremely high expectations set for the new Flying Spur, and we’re excited as we can be.

Just send us properly exciting teasers, please?

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