Bentley’s New Flying Spur To Offer All-Wheel Steering

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Seems like a return to form for Bentley’s limousine.

Bentley’s New Flying Spur To Offer All-Wheel Steering – Gallery

If you’re lucky enough in life to be sizing-up something like a Bentley for daily use, there’s an appeal to the Bentley ‘B’ over something like a Rolls-Royce or a Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The Bentley brand is famous for its driver-foc— sorry, driver-involved experience behind the wheel, and even though the upcoming Flying Spur limousine will most likely be used predominantly as a chauffeur-driven affair, Crewe are doing their best to imbue it with half-decent dynamics, as befits a Bentley.

To that end, the new-generation Flying Spur will offer All-Wheel Steering for the first time, designed to enhance stability when cruising and agility at lower speeds. High-speed manoeuvres will see the rear wheels move in the same direction as the front wheels, while low-speed manoeuvres will have the rear wheels move in the opposing direction to the front wheels to essentially ‘shrink’ the big Bentley when parking.

Bentley’s New Flying Spur To Offer All-Wheel Steering – Gallery

The All-Wheel Steering will of course be paired with the all-wheel drive & ‘Bentley Dynamic Ride’ adaptive ride system, the latter of which Bentley says will “combat cornering forces” to minimise body roll that “might otherwise disturb occupants.”

The new-generation Flying Spur will follow the lead of the Continental GT and offer new levels of technology and craftsmanship, wrapped in “segment-defining” levels of performance and refinement. Bentley is confident that their new Flying Spur will resume its role as the “world’s best luxury Grand Touring saloon” when it arrives in a few weeks time. Though to be honest, the only fly in the Flying Spur ointment at this point is the car that the Flying Spur shares its underpinnings with: The Porsche Panamera.

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