Audi S6, Avant, S7 Sportback Unveiled – 335kW Quattro Goodness

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Could we have one of each please? Thanks.

Audi S6, Avant, S7 Sportback Unveiled – 335kW Quattro Goodness

German performance marque Audi Sport have revealed their new S6 saloon, S6 Avant, and S7 Sportback models ahead of a European launch later this year, and well-ahead of a local introduction in early next year. The three cars share broadly the same underpinnings and so we’ll just lump them all together and save everyone the time.

In Europe, the S6 & S7 will be available exclusively as diesels, but in Australia, we’ll be getting V6 TFSI engines. With 2.9-litres of capacity, you’ll find 335kW and 600nm at your disposal, thanks to a mild-hybrid 48V system. That MHEV system is also able to provide a brief boost when needed, like when the turbos are spooling up, or when overtaking.

All that power goes to all-four corners via their proprietary Quattro all-wheel drive system, though an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

Audi S6, Avant, S7 Sportback Unveiled – 335kW Quattro GoodnessAudi S6, Avant, S7 Sportback Unveiled – 335kW Quattro Goodness

Aesthetically the three cars get a bodykit that we’d best describe as passive-aggressive, where there’s certainly hints and peeks at potency behind what is otherwise a restrained exterior. Marking the S models out are the usual smattering of silver and chrome highlights and of course, the quad tailpipes out back.

This, in addition to the lowered ride height, gives the cars a properly menacing stance. To our eyes we quite like the S7 Sportback here in its dark blue and silver mirror caps. 

Audi S6, Avant, S7 Sportback Unveiled – 335kW Quattro Goodness

The S6 & S7 now get the option of all-wheel steering, which moves the rear wheels either 2º in concert with the fronts, or up to 5º in the opposing direction, depending on whether it’s high- or low-speed manoeuvres. Additionally while there’s adjustable damping (along with a 20mm reduction in ride-height), you can also option on air suspension which arguably offers the better range of capability for the three cars.

More options come in the form of carbon ceramic brakes, which will see 400mm discs fitted at the front and 350mm discs at the rear, replete with 6-piston calipers at the nose. Ahead of those sit 20-inch lightweight alloys as standard, though 21-inch units can be optioned on at a cost. The standard 20s get ‘torus absorbers’ (or foam laters within the tyres) that reportedly reduce tyre noise pretty well, negating one of the negatives that come with large alloys.

Audi S6, Avant, S7 Sportback Unveiled – 335kW Quattro Goodness

The interiors of the S6 and S7 are actually very similar to the standard models, even down to the seats, but you do get upholstery options in either black, grey, or red. You can also have aluminium trim inserts or, if you prefer, wood. If you want to spend more money on your S6 or S7 you can get the optional sports seats which feature Audi ’S’ badges embossed into them, or you can option on the multi-contour seats with ventilation and massage functions. You can also opt for Valcona leather, or a leather/Alcantara setup instead.

But while you may be thinking that everything in an Audi is optional, you’ll be pleased to know that the quad-zone climate control, 12.3-inch digital drivers’ display, and top-flight MMI Navigation Plus system are all included as standard fare.

Audi S6, Avant, S7 Sportback Unveiled – 335kW Quattro Goodness

The Audi S6, S6 Avant, and S7 Sportback have been confirmed for local arrival in early 2020, with Audi’s local office communicating that they are not particularly keen on any of the hot diesels, suggesting that the Audi Sport cars will be arriving exclusively in turbo-V6 guise. Not that we’re complaining. At all.

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