Aston Martin’s Lagonda All-Terrain Is An Off-Road Yacht

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Can you imagine the departure angle on this thing?

2019 Lagonda All-Terrain Concept – Geneva Motor Show

Aston Martin’s luxury EV offshoot Lagonda have unveiled their second concept car, which previews the company’s all-electric SUV that’ll come to fruition in 2022. Dubbed the All-Terrain, it’s been developed to complement the Lagonda Vision that was seen previously, though the All-Terrain also features design highlights inspired by luxury yachts.

It’s the rump where those nautical inspirations are most obvious, namely by the very long rear overhang, which tapers upwards to meet the raked roof. There are four doors here (in case you can’t see the rear openings), with the rear doors hinged at the rear to allow for better ingress and egress. Further improving things is the opening roof, which allows passengers to very easily climb aboard and step out of the All-Terrain gracefully. 

2019 Lagonda All-Terrain Concept – Geneva Motor Show2019 Lagonda All-Terrain Concept – Geneva Motor Show
“This is a car that would be at home whisking someone straight from a glamorous red carpet event to a remote scientific research lab. It shows the bold possibilities for Lagonda and demonstrates how the company will push to expand horizons in every area, whether it be technology, design, or scope of travel.” – Andy Palmer, Chief Executive Officer, Aston Martin Lagonda

With space for four inside, the Lagonda All-Terrain once again offers the same lounge-like experience as was seen with the Lagonda Vision. There’s a digital instrument cluster integrated into the steering wheel, with another smaller screen affixed to the end of the central armrest at the front, aft of a rotary control knob. The same knob & screen setup features at the rear, once again between the seats.

2019 Lagonda All-Terrain Concept – Geneva Motor Show

The Lagonda All-Terrain Concept is a fully-electric machine, though Lagonda didn’t go into too much technical detail about the powertrain. What we do know is that the Lagonda All-Terrain will go into production come 2022, from Aston Martin’s ‘Centre of Electrification’ in St. Athan, Wales.

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