Alfa Romeo Bringing Sub-Stelvio SUV To Geneva? – Report

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It’d make quite the entrance there, we reckon.

Alfa Romeo Bringing Sub-Stelvio SUV To Geneva – Gallery

Rumours are circulating that resurgent Italian marque Alfa Romeo could be bringing a new model to the Geneva motor show, a car that’ll undoubtedly do wonders to the brand’s current volumes and snag a few more buyers out of the clutches of the more conventional luxury players. It’s being said that the new car will come in the form of a compact SUV, a sub-Stelvio if you would, that wouldn’t hesitate to take buyers away from Mercedes-Benz GLAs and BMW X1s.

The sub-Stelvio is also said to sit on a modified version of the Giorgio platform that currently underpins the Giulia saloon & Stelvio SUV, which makes the most amount of sense to us. It’s been previously reported that Alfa Romeo had (at least briefly) considered using the platform under the Jeep Compass (and Fiat 500X) for its compact-SUV, though we took turns taking punches at such an idea as it would likely result in a car that’s slovenly, unrefined, and entirely-uninspiring to drive (TL;DR – very not Alfa Romeo).

Alfa Romeo Bringing Sub-Stelvio SUV To Geneva – Gallery

By going the route of the Giorgio platform, that would ensure that the sub-Stelvio would benefit from the current crop of Alfa Romeo powerplants, with a rear-driven setup as standard (and all-wheel drive optional), as well as the possibility of a high-performance Quadrifoglio version in good time. This would mirror the strategy employed with the deployment of the Stelvio, though the sub-Stelvio QV would most likely be a plug-in hybrid (with over 300kW), or so reports Motor1.

While the sub-Stelvio is certainly an exciting prospect, there’s also the matter of the super-Stelvio, or a larger SUV that’d compete directly against cars like the Volvo XC90, BMW X5, and Mercedes-Benz GLE. Considering that compact SUVs are currently the only thing hotter than our climate, the larger of the new Alfa Romeo off-roaders will only be making its debut in 2020 (in time for the 2021 model-year), whereas the sub-Stelvio should be making individual market debuts by late-2019 or early-2020.

If the rumours are true, that is.

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