2018 BMW M5 To Receive Full Unveil Ahead Of Frankfurt Motor Show

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BMW Reveals All-New M5, The Important Bits Confirmed

With each new iteration of the BMW 5 Series comes with it the countdown to the next M5. Introduced in 2011, the current and soon to be outgoing F10-generation machine brought turbocharging to its V8 engine and moved the super saloon game up a notch in many other areas.

It has now been revealed by sources close to BMWBlog that the upcoming F90 M5 will receive an unveil prior to this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show in September. They say that the veil will be lifted somewhere within August and will happen on the web - the Munich automaker isn’t keen to take all the anticipation away from its most local major motor show, and have made sure to leave the full in-person unveiling to the event itself.

Even if it takes place on the final day of August itself, it will still be a good two weeks ahead of the official unveiling. Can BMW refrain from teasing their new M5 too much as to not take the lustre out of the Frankfurt debut? We hope so.

BMW Reveals All-New M5, The Important Bits Confirmed

With the next model, like all the ones that precede it, there’s much expectation surrounding how exactly the car shows off BMWs latest interpretation of high performance, echoed also in the other signature duo of the M3 and M4.

Like the rumours that have persisted for years now, BMW’s F90 M5 is expected to be powered by a 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine, very similar to the one used in the current version. However, internal improvements possibly water injection have allowed output to be raised to the region of 441kW. In a car that is substantially lighter and more rigid thanks to its new CLAR architecture, that should make it plenty rapid.

Most controversial, though, is the prospect of an M5 (or any full M car) that isn’t exclusively rear-wheel drive. BMW has already confirmed that the new car will be equipped with their xDrive system, with power division between the wheels and how they correspond with suspension and engine parameters controlled by what they dub the Central Intelligence Unit.

BMW Reveals All-New M5, The Important Bits Confirmed

The automaker will doubtless explain more about how this new M ‘brain’ works once it’s fully revealed. However, it was always knows that BMW would opt fo a very rear-biased AWD setup as to mimic the rear-driven feel of the previous models; the xDrive system shuffling drive to the front wheels only when necessary and able to decouple entirely when the dedicated 2WD mode is engaged.

Also notable is that BMW has also opted to forego the newest revision of their M-DCT dual-clutch transmission for the new M5 too, opting instead to use an enhanced derivative of their widely available 8-speed ZF automatic.

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