2015 Ford Raptor

by under News on 14 Jan 2015 10:44:37 PM14 Jan 2015

Check-out the pic – isn’t this the best-looking pick-up (ute) you’ve ever seen?


It’s the latest Ford Raptor unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show ahead of North American sales launch.

Aside from the jaw-dropping good looks there’s big news under the bonnet too – no more V8 as this Raptor gets a couple of twin-turbocharged V6 engines – 447kW for the GT model or 307Kw for the rest.

And drive comes courtesy of a new 10-speed (no mistake there - that’s a perfect ‘1’ and a perfect ‘0’) automatic transmission.


The styling is actually an evolution of the previous model - but looks even better - and the new Ford Raptor tips the scales 227kgs less than its predecessor as it uses an aluminium body.

We love those massive 17-inch wheels and their meaty BF Goodrich rubber.

Inside are some non-truck-like features such as steering wheel paddle shifters for manual gear changes and some distinctly truck-like features like switches in the roof panel.


To start the lobbying process to bring the Raptor ‘Downunder’ write to Ford…we’re going to, we love this thing!

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