Mitsubishi Triton Absolute Previews A Ute We’d Want

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Concept for now, but if we rally together…

2019 Mitsubishi Triton Absolute Concept – Bangkok Auto Show

Japanese marque Mitsubishi has brought to the Bangkok Auto Show a concept based on the sharp new Triton ute, which previews either a tarted-up model, or a range of accessories that make the tri-diamond machine even better to look at. It’s called the Triton Absolute Concept and while we’d like to think of it as something of a future Ford Ranger Raptor rival, the intelligent assumption to make is that it’s just an upgrade pack for aesthetics’ sake.

The Triton Absolute has gotten quite a bit taller here, thanks to a nearly two-inch lift kit with improved suspension travel, a blacked-out grille, prominent skid plates front and rear, red accents, serious-looking bead-lock alloys with Falken Wildpeak tyres, and carbon fibre addenda. Yes, they’ve used carbon fibre for the fender flares, bumper appliques, protective body paneling, and even the tailgate. Not bad, for a ute.

2019 Mitsubishi Triton Absolute Concept – Bangkok Auto Show

Additionally, you get red grab handles above each door, and four more around the tonneau cover, a roof-mounted LED light bar, and silver accents around the bumpers. Told you it’s a looker.

Mitsubishi didn’t detail any mechanical changes, so expect the same tune from its MiVEC turbodiesel donk, applicable in the usual ways. Should the reception to this thing be warm, and we firmly expect it will be, Mitsubishi may be willing to put it into production as a special-edition sometime in 2020. We certainly hope they do, as we imagine that this will absolutely fly out of showrooms upon arrival.

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