2019 PEUGEOT 508

$53,990 - $55,990



Possibly best car I have ever owned
Running cost
How it drives
I have owned everything from a Suzuki Vitara to a Ford FG XR6 Turbo, with Ford Focus XR5 Turbo in the mix, commodores of various types, Toyota's and Mitsubishi's. This is the first european brand I have ever bought and wow. The build quality of the car is fantastic, I got the Nappa leather and it feels soft and just wonderful every time I get in it, even after 3 years of owning it. The ride is nice, not firm, not to soft it is really pretty good. It is a very comfortable grand tourer. The fuel economy on the highway is excellent - I have seen mid 6's. I like the look of the car and because they are not everywhere it does generate people glancing at it. The Diesel engine. The positives - massive amount of torque in the middle of the rev range, this thing will just pull up a hill without changing down, it just steams up anything at a rate of knots. It will pass cars at the 80 k's to 110 k's sort of speeds without hesitation and easily, and up hills. But what is frustrating is the turbo lag down low, taking off in a hurry from a stand still can be frustrating and will cause you to re-evaluate gaps in traffic because the lag before the power turns up from a stand still is probably a whole second, maybe a fraction more. And the only other thing that disappoints me when I get out of the car when it is running is listening to that diesel tapping noise. You don't hear it in the cabin. But step outside while it is running and it is unmistakable. If they could suppress the noise as Mercedes or BMW seem to do; it would lift this car straight into that realm. Outside of that; I am so happy with this car, 3 years on, and I am really thinking of keeping it longer and extending the lease, it is that good. Value for money, it is a steel, I got mine for under $50K brand new, and it was a good $10K less than the BMW. It is larger, has a bigger boot space, bigger engine, more power and torque and the quality as I said is tremendous. If I don't keep this one; I will buy the new model most likely.





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