Volvo Itching To Execute Premium Compact Assault With Flagship Tech

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Here come the (Smaller) Swedes

Volvo Itching To Execute Premium Compact Assault

With Volvo nearing the completion of its rollout for their new-generation flagship 90-series vehicles (XC90, S90, V90), CEO Hakan Samuelsson says that it has already planned a roadmap for its next-generation 40-series of vehicles (V40, S40).

These new models will carry on the line of compact upmarket offerings from the Swedish automaker to “expand the 40 series with premium cars and crossovers,” he said while speaking to AutoNews.

According to Samuelsson, Volvo made a mistake by not offering the V40 to the American market, citing troubled times when the green light for the car was being deliberated for sale there.

Peter Martens, Volvo’s senior vice president for Research & Development says they will sell the full 40 series range in the United States when it is ready for production.

Volvo Itching To Execute Premium Compact Assault

With the XC90 already on sale and the S90 not far away, Volvo’s newfound stride with gasoline-electric hybrids and fully electric driving will be even more beneficial to their stable of smaller cars.

Other sources say their 1.5-litre three-cylinder T5 Twin Engine (that’s augmented by an electric motor) will provide strong developmental momentum to take on the competition in that more competitive market.

Volvo Itching To Execute Premium Compact Assault

Martens added that 20 percent of XC90s sold in the United States were plug-in hybrids, “a massive increase in take rates.” It proves that consumers definitely value in embracing the modern powertrain technologies despite the increase in cost.

We’re sure to hear more about Volvo’s next-generation of smaller cars, built with their new architecture and technologies, as they grow closer to their launch dates in a few years.

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