Volvo Introduces 'Red Key' Valet Key Option

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Valet horror stories, be gone!

Volvo Introduces 'Red Key' Valet Key Option

For some, nerves are never quite as tense as when they hand over the keys to their car to the valet. Once the car is out of sight, there’s no real guarantee that their automotive pride and joy will be handled by the valet with the same care, respect, and concern that owners undoubtedly show their cars. In some cases, this can leave owners fidgeting and fretting all the way through dinner.

Volvo understands this. With their new 90-Series of cars (XC90, V90, and S90) capable of creating a special bond between man and machine, the firm saw it fit to find a way to protect their customers’ investments during situations where the cars themselves may not be in their care. Today, they released their new ‘Red Key’ system, specifically designed to create peace of mind when their cars are out of view. 

Volvo Introduces 'Red Key' Valet Key Option

The Red Key system, which utilises a red key fob (how imaginative), locks the car into a ‘valet mode’ whenever the red key is utilised, limiting certain functionalities and standardising others. The red key will limit top speed to 120km/h, set the active cruise control to maintain maximum distance from the vehicle in front, and reduce the maximum volume of the sound system.

On top of all this, the red key will keep certain safety features on, like blind spot warning, lane keep assist, forward collision warning, driver alert control, distance alert, and traffic sign recognition. These features should keep Volvos safe at all times, and leave owners to enjoy themselves with slightly lower heart rates as a result. In the UK, the Red Key can be optioned on for GBP110 (or AU$188). 

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