Volkswagen To Take On Defender With I.D. Off-Roader – Report

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Ze Germans are clearly going on the offensive.

Volkswagen To Take On Defender With I.D. Off-Roader – Gallery

German automotive juggernaut Volkswagen are clearly very confident in the capabilities of their all-electric product platform, as they seem to have zero hesitation applying it in ways beyond what we’d expect them to, and perhaps even beyond what most people would expect an EV-powertrain to handle. They’re so confident in fact that the platform will not only be used to power models in segments that they’re already competing in (like the family-hatch, saloon, and SUV spaces), but also models that’ll take on segment stalwarts and aims to beat them at their own game.

The case in point is the brewing rumour that a proper off-roader is being developed for the I.D. family of cars, with the sort of capability to cover the terrain that would traditionally be the reserve of cars like the Jeep Wrangler and the Land Rover Defender. It’ll stand out in the crowd as it’ll be the only offering (for the time being) that’s fully-electric, though whether that’ll be enough for a draw among Landie buyers remains to be seen. 

Volkswagen To Take On Defender With I.D. Off-Roader – Gallery
“There are no producers in that segment yet, building a robust electric car that loves scratches and wears them as a badge of honour.” — Michael Jost, Head of Strategy, Volkswagen AG

It was explained to Auto Express that the new car will bear a boxy design that’s more traditionally in-keeping with what you’d expect from an SUV. It’ll be a tough off-roader and won’t make too many concessions to its penultimate goal of being a proper overlander, like a Wrangler or a Defender. Jost is apparently the major proponent for the I.D. off-roader, which we’re made to understand is still in the discussion stages in Wolfsburg.

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