Volkswagen To Drop The Beetle In 2016

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The Volkswagen Beetle is to be dropped in 2016 for the Australian market, with a limited-run special model as a send off.

Volkswagen To Drop The Beetle In 2016

Australian sale of the car that people associate most with Volkswagen is soon to be phased out. The Beetle is (soon to be 'was') offered in Australia as only a single variant coupe with a 118kW twincharged 1.4-litre four-cylinder petrol engine that’s mated to either a six-speed manual or seven-speed DSG.

VW has confirmed that the most recent version of the car, the second generation New Beetle, will be gradually be phased out of over the course of 2016 due to slow sales.

Volkswagen To Drop The Beetle In 2016

Having said that, it seems that certain other Volkswagen models have also sold close to the Beetle’s own figures of 240 cars in 2015 – although much lower than during this generation’s local introductory year of 2013 with 799 Beetles sold. Only 43 examples have sold in 2016, which actually is a ramp up, though not steep enough to save it.

These other models must have a more viable future for Volkswagen’s plans seeing as how they have avoided an axing along with the Beetle, however we won’t be surprised if Volkswagen decides to trim other models from its line-up for similar reasons.

Volkswagen To Drop The Beetle In 2016

As it stands, the Beetle’s iconic rounded two-door shape that defined the brand, both the car itself and the marque that built it, will be relegated to a rarer sight on Australia’s roads.

Volkswagen Australia, in a statement following the announcement, says: “Of course, the Beetle is such a significant part of our heritage both locally and around the world, which is why we are planning to bid farewell to the current Beetle in Australia with a limited-run special model that will offer some unique equipment and individualised numbering. Rest assured, the current Beetle will get the send-off it deserves.”

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