Volkswagen & Nvidia Join Forces, Taking A “Big Step Into The Future”

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An “intelligent copilot” will be born from this.

2016 Volkswagen ID Hatch Concept

German automotive powerhouse Volkswagen is teaming up with American technology company Nvidia to develop the future of self-driving vehicles, it was announced. Nvidia is considered to be a leading light in computing hardware, and their efforts in introducing artificial intelligence into the automotive scene is precisely why VW came knocking.

“Artificial intelligence is revolutionising the car. Autonomous driving, zero tailpipe emission mobility, and digital networking are virtually impossible without the advances in AI and deep learning. Combining the imagination of Volkswagen with NVIDIA, the leader in AI technology, enables us to take a big step into the future.” — Herbert Diess, CEO, Volkswagen
2016 Volkswagen ID Hatch Concept

One of the main goals for the VW and Nvidia tie-up is the development of an “intelligent copilot” feature that will be available on a range of their cars. Intelligent copilot will encompass advanced driver assistance systems, semi- or fully-autonomous driving systems, as well as convenience features. The system will be kept up to date with current software breakthroughs with over-the-air updates, making them virtually future-proof.

The central piece of the whole system is Nvidia’s Drive IX computer, which will further add things like facial recognition (for door unlocking, among others), pedestrian & cyclist detection, gesture control on board the car, as well as deep-learning processes. The deep learning will allow the car to analyse and, well, learn the driving characteristics of imperfect humans and figure out how to handle various driving situations deftly.

2016 Volkswagen ID Hatch Concept

The “intelligent copilot” will be featured first on Volkswagen’s upcoming range of electric cars under the ‘ID’ family, all built off the same modular MEB platform. More than 20 electric vehicles are slated for launch by 2025, though 2020 will see the gradual introduction of advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving technology.

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