Volkswagen Group Confirms Half-Dozen New Cars For The Year

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And one of them is entirely mysterious.

Volkswagen Group Confirms Half-Dozen New Cars For The Year – Gallery

Whenever the Volkswagen Group does anything, they tend to do it big. It could be a German thing, or it could be a byproduct of being one of the biggest automotive manufacturing conglomerates in the world, but they tend to go large with their strategies. This is evident by their plan to bring in some new models for this year, spread across their 9 passenger car marques.

No less than 6 all-new cars will be making their debuts this year, ranging from Volkswagen to Bentley, all of which were confirmed during the 2018 Annual Conference in Germany where they looked back on the year that passed, and the year ahead. At the event they detailed the new debutants specifically, except for one particular car.

Volkswagen Group Confirms Half-Dozen New Cars For The Year – Gallery

So thanks to the Conference, we now know that Audi will soon be welcoming the Q3 Sportback into the mix, while Porsche will say hello to the Cayenne Coupé too. Volkswagen will be introducing EV models of the Bora & Lavida in China, while Bentley will pull the wraps off an all-new Flying Spur limousine before year-end.

But there’s a mysterious B-segment, or compact SUV, that the slides show is parked under the Volkswagen family, but is still unnamed. This has left us a little confused because, as far as we can tell, Volkswagen’s got the whole SUV space buttoned up tight with its current models, and surely they didn’t just forget the existence of the Volkswagen T-Roc?

Volkswagen Group Confirms Half-Dozen New Cars For The Year – Gallery

This is merely the ‘first wave’ of new cars says Volkswagen, with a second-wave scheduled for 2021/2022 bringing in no less than 15 MEB-based electric vehicles, in order to get the Volkswagen Group to its target of 22-million EVs by 2025. This second-wave incorporates cars that we’re already familiar with or are getting familiar with, like the Porsche Taycan, Audi e-tron & e-tron GT, as well as Volkswagens’ own I.D Buzz, Hatch, and Vizzion.

VWG predicts that by 2040 some 70% of European new car sales will comprise of battery-electric vehicles, with a maximum estimate of 20% going to plug-in hybrids.

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