VicPol Adds 250 Volkswagen Passats To The Fleet

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Blending performance & practicality perfectly for law enforcement.

VicPol Adds 250 Volkswagen Passats To The Fleet – Gallery

One of the biggest questions that reared its head when we began to see the demise of the local auto industry was, ‘What will the coppers drive?’ After several generations of Ford Falcons and Holden Commodores, it was time to say goodbye to the local heroes and begin welcoming a new set of enforcement agents. And in Victoria, the mandate has been given to the Volkswagen Passat.

Volkswagen’s dependable passenger car was high on the list of suitable candidates to fill the role, with other contenders coming in the form of the Kia Stinger and a variety of German luxury cars. But it seems that for Victoria, the Passat will do just fine, in both 132kW saloon guise and 206kW estate form.

VicPol Adds 250 Volkswagen Passats To The Fleet – Gallery

The saloons will be paired up with front-line officers, while the more powerful all-wheel drive estates will go to highway patrol & traffic divisions.

“Globally, the Passat has been Volkswagen’s best-selling model line, but there can be no greater recognition than its acceptance by VicPol. Volkswagen Group Australia is honoured that our cars have been deemed worthy for use by the men and women who serve and protect the citizens of Victoria.” – Ben Wilks, General Manager (Sales, Passenger Vehicles), Volkswagen Australia
VicPol Adds 250 Volkswagen Passats To The Fleet – Gallery

In order to make them fit for police work, the Volkswagen Passats have been outfitted with a more muscular alternator (180amp), which helps to feed a second battery, which runs into a bespoke wiring loom, which can then feed the various accessories needed by Victoria’s finest to do the work they do in keeping the state safe.

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