V8 TVR Griffith Delayed Yet Again, Welsh Factory “Slower Than Hoped”

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2019 TVR Griffith

It’s been awhile but we remain hopeful. No, we aren’t talking about the reboot of Friends, but rather the return of TVR in ‘modern’ times. Back in 2017, the British-based sports car builder announced they’re back in business. Brilliant!

But, setback after setback has forced them to delay the launch of their all-new sports car – the Griffith. In 2018, TVR faced regulatory issues which delayed production, thereafter the company was forced to perform repairs on their aging Ebbw Vale factory in the South of Wales thanks to EU rules and regulations. Progress on the factory has been “slower than hoped” said Les Edgar, chairman of TVR.  

2019 TVR Griffith2019 TVR Griffith

Despite the issues faced by the manufacturer, Edgar says TVR is “working hard with the Welsh government to resolve those issues and get the work underway.” The 180,000-square foot factory reportedly needs a new roof, which can be an expensive and timely issue to solve.

As refresher, the TVR Griffith will be powered by a V8 motor and not the usual straight-sixers they’re used to shoehorning. The bent eight in this case comes from America. Specifically, this motor is sourced from Ford and is the same Coyote block they slot into the Mustang GT, which’ll output 373kW and likely well above 550Nm. However, it’ll also feature a Cosworth-developed dry sump and other TVR-specific revisions.

2019 TVR Griffith2019 TVR Griffith2019 TVR Griffith

That lump should be quite a screamer too, if the side-mounted exhaust teased here are any indication, and able to propel the 1,200kg-odd two-seater to 100km/h in less than 4 seconds and on to a top speed beyond 320km/h.  If TVR insists on sticking to its roots, there’s no way anything but a three-pedal arrangement is being used to swap cogs here, meaning that this car will be as wild and visceral as the company’s previous efforts - exactly how they’re preferred. 

Watch this space as we bring you all the updates on TVR’s saga to out the Griffith to its eager owners. For the best deal on your next brand-new car, please visit our Showroom.

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