Toyota’s 2020 Kluger Takes On A Distinctive Stance

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A masterful layering of 200 3D panels allows a peek, at just the right angle.

Toyota’s 2020 Kluger Takes On A Distinctive Stance – Gallery

Japanese marque Toyota have begun teasing their new-generation Kluger SUV, which will replace the current-generation car that feels like it’s been around since shortly after Moses parted the Red Sea. As the Kluger’s always been an old-school kinda car, it’s long enjoyed an old-school kind of appeal, for better or worse.

The Kluger’s upright proportions remain by and large it seems, but the details have been refined and brought up to date. The face for example is just as bluff as it’s ever been, but it now incorporates sharper headlights and a slightly more sculpted front bumper. The window-line now (seemingly) forms a point towards the D-pillar, while the taillights seem to stretch quite a ways into the rear quarter panel.

Toyota’s 2020 Kluger Takes On A Distinctive Stance – Gallery

It’s a mystery as to what Toyota will do powertrain-wise, given that its recent all-new models have not been quite this large. The Dynamic Force engines that have been employed in TNGA-based models will likely be a bit too underpowered for this application, so it’s likely that the recently-updated V6 engine from the North American Toyota Camry (225kW/362Nm) will be employed here. The Kluger will also likely continue to offer all-wheel drive, with front-wheel drive available as a price-conscious option.

The Toyota Kluger will be revealed as the 2020 Toyota Highlander at the upcoming New York International Auto Show, where we will be eking out as many details and specifics as we can.

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