Toyota, Mazda, Denso Join Forces In EV Concern

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Rapid response to market demands their main focus.

Toyota, Mazda, Denso Join Forces In EV Concern

Automotive conglomerate Toyota, ‘ZoomZoom’ brand Mazda, and second-largest auto-component manufacturer Denso have signed an agreement to form a joint-venture to further their ambitions and share technologies as the automotive industry makes its steady shift towards electric mobility. The joint venture, called ‘EV CA Spirit’ for some reason, will serve as a development centre for cooperative projects between the three parties.

A team of 40, comprised of new hires and selected engineers from the three companies, will head up the work at EV CA Spirit, which aims to allow the firms involved to react faster to shifting market rends, allowing for flexible and rapid responses. Toyota will be providing some 90% of the capital, with the remaining 10% split equally between the remaining two companies.

Toyota, Mazda, Denso Join Forces In EV Concern

Based in Nagoya, EV CA Spirit will primarily concern itself with the research and development of structural technologies for battery-electric vehicles, the results of which should be capable of covering an enormous range of segments, from supermini passenger cars to light commercial vehicles. The development of the shared technology will be a result of combined strength of all three companies, working with Mazda’s bundled product planning and knowledge in computer modelling-based development, Denso’s electronic knowhow, and Toyota’s flexible New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform.

While presently comprising just the three companies, it’s been communicated that the trio are hoping to create a business structure that would keep it open to participation and contribution from other carmakers and automotive suppliers to ensure everyone stays competitive.

Toyota, Mazda, Denso Join Forces In EV Concern

We tip our hats to the companies involved for taking the initiative, as this tie-up definitely has the potential to keep the electric-vehicle technology push going after everyone’s jumped on the bandwagon.

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