Toyota FJ Cruiser – Doubled Fuel Range And Extra Off-Road Prowess

by under News on 12 Mar 2013 01:56:47 PM12 Mar 2013

Toyota has boosted its tough FJ Cruiser SUV with the addition of ‘CRAWL’ technology and an extra 87-litre fuel tank.

That sub-tank supplements the FJ Cruiser’s 72-litre main tank to boost range between refills up to more than 1,700kms (highway driving). 


As the name suggests, ‘CRAWL’ is Toyota’s ‘feet-off’ extreme off-road mode, engaged in low range (L4) below 25km/h or 10km/h (the latter when the rear differential is locked). You simply select one of five speeds via a selector dial on the overhead console and your FJ Cruiser automatically controls engine output and brake pressure to maintain that speed when tackling extremely rough or slippery conditions.

No changes under the bonnet – the 200kW/380Nm 4.0-litre V6-powered FJ Cruiser with its rear-hinged second doors and butch retro styling remains a Car Showroom favourite. We love the look and we love the drive in Toyota’s ‘tough boy’.


The Toyota FJ Cruiser is available in one model grade priced from $47,990 (metallic paint an extra $475).

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