Teslas Can Now Fart On Demand, Because Why Not

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And you can make them fart remotely. How useful is that?

Teslas Can Now Fart On Demand, Because Why Not – Gallery

American EV carmaker Tesla have added an entirely-unrequired but totally-hilarious feature for their current crop of cars that will definitely have any immature types gassed with laughter. The company’s released an over-the-air software update that has added, believe it or not, fart noises to your Tesla electric vehicle.

There are six kinds of farts available for you to choose from (we have not yet been able to confirm that they were from Elon Musk’s posterior): Not A Fart, Short Shorts Ripper, Falcon Heavy, Ludicrous Fart, Neurastink, and Boring Fart. We should clarify that’s in no particular order.

Additionally, a seventh option comes in the form of I’m So Random that will randomise the farts that’ll play over the speakers, triggered either by the left scroll wheel (on Model 3s) or the indicators.

Teslas Can Now Fart On Demand, Because Why Not – Gallery

Those aren’t the only ways to trigger the farts, either. In a tweet (of course), Tesla CEO Elon Musk clarified that there will be a future update that’ll allow owners to trigger a fart noise via the Tesla app. This should in theory allow owners to scare the sh** out of anyone who borrows your Tesla, though we’d advise not to do that when it’s dark out and the car’s on a creepy street.

We should also clarify that while the fart noises are very real, there are no accompanying smells. Depending on whether you find that sensible or disappointing, that should tell you what your mental age is. Don’t worry though – we’re just as immature.

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