Tesla’s New Mobile Charger Is 25% Faster On A Plug

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And because it’s mobile, you can enjoy those charge speeds anywhere.

Tesla’s New Mobile Charger Is 25% Faster On A Plug – Gallery

American EV carmaker Tesla currently enjoys the largest and most extensive network of brand-name high-speed car chargers in the world, and the Supercharger network undoubtedly played a huge role in making the move to electric that much more palatable for buyers in the luxury space. But the majority of owners will charge their cars at home and, short of getting a Wallbox hardwired into your garage wall, that can be a pain in the rear.

You can plug your Tesla into a wall socket, sure. But the rate of recharge is so laughable that you might as well run to work. But don’t worry, Tesla’s got a new wall connector and, amazingly, a wall is not strictly required.

The new mobile Wall Connector is not hardwired, meaning it’s excellent for Tesla owners who aren’t keen on a hardwired solution, or travel between locations where Wallboxes are in short supply. It also means that when travelling or visiting friends and family, you can take your mobile Wall Connector with you and enjoy the convenience of charging via a plug socket, but now at 25% better speed.

Tesla’s New Mobile Charger Is 25% Faster On A Plug – Gallery

The new charger costs US$500 ($702 thereabouts), packs a 24-foot cale, and charges at a rate of 9.6kW to Model S, Model X, and Model 3 Long-Range cars, whereas the lesser Model 3 variants charge at a rate of 7.6kW.

Tesla continues to recommend that owners invest in a Wallbox to enjoy the best charging experience with your car, but at least the new mobile Wall Connector gives owners greater flexibility in keeping their EVs topped up.

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