Tesla Model X P100D Tows A 130-Tonne Boeing Dreamliner

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Why, you ask? Because why not?

Tesla Model X P100D Tows A 130-Tonne Boeing Dreamliner
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For some reason, when it comes to the capabilities of utility vehicles, there are certain yardsticks that we favour over others. Jeep’s yardstick is getting through the Rubicon trail, which earns specific models ‘Trail Rated’ badging to denote their off-road prowess. For cars with exceptional performance, it’s the century sprint time, or top speed.

And for torquey SUVs? Towing, of course. So that’s why American electric carmaker Tesla saw it fit to hitch up one of their Model X P100D crossovers to… a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, which in case you’re wondering, surpasses the Model X’s official towing capacity of 2.5-tonnes by about… 127.5-tonnes. 

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Model X hauling more than it’s supposed to. We’ve seen it pull 100-tonnes of sludge out of a tunnel, and there are plenty of videos of the ungainly-looking electric crossover pulling HGVs out of harms way. But this, a Model X pulling a new Qantas Dreamliner is one for the history books.

… and for the Guinness Book of World Records, being the heaviest tow by a production, passenger electric vehicle.

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