Tesla Halts Model 3 Long Range RWD In A Snap

by under News on 20 Jun 2019 11:54:30 AM20 Jun 2019

It’s not just unavailable to order, it’s even unavailable to deliver.

Tesla Halts Model 3 Long Range RWD In A Snap – Gallery

In a rather odd move, American EV brand Tesla has abruptly halted the production of its mid-range Model 3 Long Range variant, touted by customers & critics as the best-value Model 3 variant in the range. Bizarrely, rather than simply rescinding the offering for new customers, it’s being reported that those who already ordered one have received emails saying that they can’t even get their cars delivered when promised, forcing them to pick another model.

The email says that production of the Model 3 Long Range has been “immediately halted,” with the company “examining the extent to which the plant has produced [their] previously-placed orders.” This sounds like a reactionary decision, except we don’t know what they’re reacting too. Very strange.

Tesla Halts Model 3 Long Range RWD In A Snap – Gallery

According to the report by Inside EVs, the company will inform customers that absolutely cannot get a 3 Long Range of the alternatives that Tesla can offer, but it seems that they’ll either have to downgrade to a 3 Standard Range Plus or upgrade to a Long Range All-Wheel Drive version.

This change won’t affect Australia, as the local offering will only comprise of the 460km Standard Range Plus, or the dual-motor Performance with 560km, with prices starting at $66k for the former and $85k for the latter.

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