Tata ‘Harrier’ To Push Brand (Kinda) Upmarket

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Yes, we said Tata. Not Toyota. 

Tata ‘Harrier’ To Push Brand (Kinda) Upmarket – Gallery

Indian auto concern Tata, perhaps best known for producing the worlds’ cheapest car for a time, and also for owning Jaguar-Land Rover, has announced that the production version of its H5X SUV concept will be dubbed the ‘Harrier.’ The Tata Harrier will aim to give the mass-market brand an air or premium-ness about itself, much the same way the mid-sized Toyota Harrier does in select markets like Japan and Malaysia.

That’s right. Tata’s gone and nicked a name straight off of an existing car. Thankfully the Toyota Harrier isn’t available on the Indian market, though we suspect that some lawyers will be in touch with the Indian marque to make sure there isn’t market confusion, or to simply serve them some legal documents.

Tata ‘Harrier’ To Push Brand (Kinda) Upmarket – Gallery

*The Tata H5X Concept

Anyway, the Tata Harrier is clearly an important car to the marque, as Tata’s begun upgrading their showrooms to accommodate the new model. Ahead of the H1-2019 launch, Tata’s showrooms will have to add some premium touches and incorporate a new look into their locations, as the Harrier is merely the first of a number of new models that are set to ‘reinvent’ the image of Tata and raise it from the value-driven economy-brand that it inhabits now.

The new Harrier will be the first Tata model to bear the new ‘Impact Design 2.0’ design language, and sightings of near-production prototypes have shown that the production model’s general look remains fairly faithful to what we saw at India’s Motor Expo earlier this year. Power for the Tata Harrier is expected to come from a 2.0-litre turbodiesel 4-pot in two states of tune, while accommodations inside will be offered in either 5- or 7-seater guises.

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