Tamo's Racemo Is Tata's First Sports Car

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Ain't no slow-mo? 

2017 Tamo Racemo - Geneva Motor Show

A new entrant into the compact sports car world is the Racemo and Racemo+, the creation of Indian automaker - and owner of Jaguar Land-Rover - Tata’s new sub-brand Tamo. It’s one of the more eclectic cars to share floor space at the Swiss motor show. 

It was designed in Turin at Tata’s Design Studio there, with the standard Racemo intended for road use and the Racemo+ meant for the track. Clearly, its exterior cues give its pretentious away somewhat, and Tata has said that the car is indeed inspired by certain elements of race cars, or at least a McLaren’s doors. 

2017 Tamo Racemo - Geneva Motor Show

Also quite plain is which one is which, as the Racemo+ comes fitted with a more aggressive aerodynamic package with fixed rear wing, adjustable front splitter, larger rear diffuser, and three-point harnesses. 

Everything else, however, seems to be shared between the two variants, and neither are what you'd call luxurious or well-equipped on the inside. Instead, there’s just enough tech to please the eye (such as the triple-screen LCD instruments) but touches like the minimal dashboard and fabric door pulls indicate the lightness was key in its development. 

2017 Tamo Racemo - Geneva Motor Show

Tata, or more accurately Tamo, has constructed the Racemo using their MOFlex Multi-Material Sandwich architecture conceived with legendary designer Marcelo Gandini. All told, the car is barely any bigger than a Mazda MX-5 or Alfa Romeo 4C. Sitting behind the passenger cell is a mid-mounted turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine displacing 1.2-litres that churns out 140kW and 210Nm. 

Given how light (unconfirmed, but we suspect sub 1,000kg) and small the car is, that should be plenty of shove to get it going at a decent pace.  Drive is delivered the rear wheels via an automated manual transmission and accelerates to 100km/h in around a solid 6 seconds. Only 250 examples of the Racemo will be available for customers to actually buy when it goes on sale in 2018.

2017 Tamo Racemo - Geneva Motor Show

As a consolation, those who aren’t lucky enough to grab a Racemo for themselves can drive the car in Forza Horizon 3, an Xbox One open world racing video game set in Australia as Tata has allowed publisher Microsoft to offer the car in-game. 

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