Subaru Has “All-New” Outback Lined Up For NYIAS

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But you know how Subaru likes to do things.

Subaru Has “All-New” Outback Lined Up For NYIAS – Gallery

Whenever Subaru touts something as “all-new,” the world tends to get disappointed. When other carmakers use the phrase “all-new” it usually means that something revolutionary has happened, that we can expect to see breathtaking new innovations in terms of style, technology, and engineering. Mostly things that hit you the moment your gaze falls on the “all-new” car, that is.

But with Subaru, they’re so focused on perfecting what’s under the skin that to the casual observer, their ‘new’ cars could might as well be their old cars. Sure if you line up maybe 3-4 generations of any one model you’ll see how they went from generation to generation but frankly, they don’t make for riveting motor show stuff. And so their announcement of the all-new Subaru Outback should come with a disclaimer, that those with their hopes soaring should temper them. Immensely.

If the changes seen in this teaser aren’t immediately obvious to you, don’t worry, as they weren’t to us either. After time-consuming deliberation, we have ascertained that this car has new wheels, more body cladding, a new headlight design, and a new, smaller arrangement for the front fog lights. The ‘Outback’ badge has been moved from sitting beneath the front door to a new position behind the rear door, and there will be a black wheel option in North America. Oh, and they put chrome on the wing mirrors. Snazzy.

Subaru Has “All-New” Outback Lined Up For NYIAS – Gallery

We might be giving the Outback a bit too much flak here admittedly because, underneath it all, it’s a highly impressive car. What this teaser doesn’t show you is the migration to the Subaru Global Platform, the resignation of the flat-six motor in favour of a turbocharged flat-four, and a more upmarket interior replete with an enormous 11.6-inch touchscreen for flagship models. We say this with confidence because that’s exactly what the recently-unveiled also-new Subaru Legacy debuted with, and the Outback always follows closely behind the Legacy.

Subaru Australia has yet to absolutely confirm the offering of the 2020 Subaru Outback though, frankly, it’s almost a given. The Outback is as we said earlier a highly-impressive machine, with great ride comfort and refinement. We’ll miss the big flat-6 motor but you know what, a turbo-4 will do just fine.

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