Ssangyong Teases 7-Seater XAVL Concept

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The ‘other’ Korean carmaker continues its evolution, and it looks good. 

Ssangyong Teases 7-Seater XAVL Concept

The Geneva motor show is set to be very exciting for Korean marque Ssangyong, with the prestigious motor show set to host the unveiling of its latest concept, the XAVL. 

The name is an abbreviation of ‘eXiting Authentic Vehicle Long’ (don’t snigger), and the XAVL will likely preview the brand’s new design direction and a possible replacement for its ageing Rexton family wagon. The XAVL’s looks clearly draw inspiration from the LIV-2 concept, which was shown to the world at the 2016 Paris motor show.

The XAVL, while drawing on the LIV-2 for inspiration, also builds on the XAV concept that was first seen in 2015, though the design has taken a radical departure from that. Though the vehicle is very much a concept still, Ssangyong can see diesel and petrol powertrains powering the car, and say that it’ll likely host advanced safety features for both passengers and pedestrians. 

Ssangyong Teases 7-Seater XAVL ConceptSsangyong Teases 7-Seater XAVL ConceptSsangyong Teases 7-Seater XAVL Concept

The XAVL’s production schedule has not been confirmed as yet, and Ssangyong remains on ice in Australia for the time being, with local distributor Ateco at odds with Ssangyong head office regarding product placement and pricing. That in mind, a production XAVL seems unlikely to make Australian landfall anytime soon.

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