Skoda Prepping A Kodiaq Ute… Concept

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Just a design study though, with no intent on production.

Skoda Prepping A Kodiaq Ute… Concept – Gallery

A team of 35 vocational students, led by the designers & engineers at Czech firm Skoda, have come up with a pretty interesting design concept based on the well-loved Kodiaq SUV. What they’ve essentially done is sawn off the roof behind the B-pillars, removed all the windows, and hinged the tailgate at the bottom. The result? A two-door Kodiaq-ute that even in these sketches looks rather interesting.

Skoda has been working with vocational students since 2014, which has resulted in a handful of one-off vehicles like a convertible Karoq, a coupé Rapid, and even a Fabia-based ‘Funstar’ ute. The Kodiaq-ute will be the biggest project by the Skoda Academy by far, but it’s worth bearing in mind that this is exclusively a design study, so don’t hammer down the doors of your local Skoda dealer.

Skoda Prepping A Kodiaq Ute… Concept – Gallery

They’re certainly going to town with the thing, looking at the chunky black wheels, the more pronounced body cladding, the clean-looking roof design & details on the lower rear bumper. This is most certainly being angled as a go-anywhere hauler and frankly, it’s quite fetching. Perhaps this could be the Commodore Ute replacement we didn’t know we wanted.

The proper concept car will be revealed in June, so expect a ton of teasers between now and then as Skoda talks at length about things that will bore the living daylights out all but the most committed anoraks.

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