Sharp Pricing for New Lexus Convertible

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Lexus IS Convertible Pricing adds heat to Convertible Market

Rival luxury car retailers have been reaching for their high-strength headache tablets since Lexus revealed the pricing of its new IS 250C convertible range.

The three-model lineup starts at $79,900 for the ‘Prestige’ version with ‘Sports’ and ‘Sports Luxury’ models priced at $84,900 and $99,900 respectively.

2009 LEXUS IS250C

While vehicles in the luxury convertible segment are largely purchased for emotional and personal reasons, Lexus says the pin-sharp pricing of its new range brings some rationality to the process.

“Our pricing is not apologetic – it’s realistic. In our relatively short history we constantly make the competition stand up and take notice and the end result is consumers benefit,” explained Lexus Australia Chief Executive, Mr John Rocca.

2009 LEXUS IS250C

For some time, Lexus has topped numerous global customer satisfaction and vehicle quality studies with vehicles delivering quality, technology, specification and supported by the levels of dealer service demanded by customers in this segment.

The IS 250C has already racked-up many kilometers in Australia with Lexus engineers from Japan using the harsh Northern Territory road conditions for hot weather testing of prototypes earlier this year.

2009 LEXUS IS250C

Lexus says the elegantly styled convertible will attract new customers to the brand.

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