Rolls-Royce To Sharpen Ghost In Next Iteration

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New architecture should also herald lots of tech upgrades.

2018 Rolls-Royce Ghost

With the Phantom renewed and the Cullinan birthed, Rolls-Royce is turning its attention to what used to be its highest-volume model, the Ghost. The small saloon (by Goodwood’s standards) is set to receive a new generation sometime next year, underpinned by an all-new chassis that’ll bring with it a host of technological niceties.

At the launch of the all-new Phantom, it was made abundantly clear that every new Rolls-Royce from then on out would feature a bespoke aluminium ladder-frame chassis called the ‘Architecture of Luxury.’ This would put distance between the English marque and its German minders, and also allow for greater coach building opportunities for the brand to explore with its most discerning customers. As such, the Architecture of Luxury will also underpin the new Ghost, which should improve rigidity and reduce weight.

2018 Rolls-Royce Ghost

While a rigidity improvement will be welcomed, a reduction in weight is not something Rolls-Royce will write home about, and so you can expect any weight saved to be immediately made up for with sound deadening, dead cows, and shaved sheep.

The lighter Ghost should also make use of a renewed version of the 6.75-litre twin-turbo V12 mill from the current car, ensuring ‘adequate’ amounts of power and torque for exploitation. It should also feature a fettled version of BMW’s xDrive all-paw system, allowing for brisker acceleration and a more manageable driving experience.

2018 Rolls-Royce Ghost

All-wheel drive will be supplemented by all-wheel steering, fed by a 48V electrical system that’ll also run an anti-roll system. Working together, according to Autocar, the new Ghost should control its heft better, give drivers more ability to manipulate the vehicle, and also permit it a decent amount of low-speed manoeuvrability. The new Ghost should also feature updates seen on Phantom and Cullinan like the digital dials, active safety features, and retractable infotainment screen.

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