Renault Reportedly Working On An SUV-Coupe For Russia

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Because a unique Captur wasn’t enough. 

2018 Renault Kaptur (RUS)

If reports are to be believed, French carmaker Renault is working hard on a new swoopy-roof SUV geared towards the Russian market. Further, this new model is expected to make its global debut at the Moscow motor show in August.

Russian publication Vedomosti broke the news, citing a variety of anonymous sources. The conclusions drawn by these clandestine meetings are clear: The new SUV will be based on the Renault/Dacia Duster, it’ll be built at Renault’s plant in Moscow, and it’ll be positioned above the existing Kaptur (which is unique from the Captur we’re familiar with, and also shares its underpinnings with the Duster).

2018 Renault Kaptur (RUS)

While we will reserve the right to be skeptical, objectively, it would make sense for Renault to utilise the same platform as their toughest, best-selling SUV (that’s the Duster, not the Kaptur). This will offer the new coupe-SUV all-wheel drive (which the Captur doesn’t offer), a central locking differential, as well as heavy-duty suspension.

Based on the reports, if they are indeed true, this could be Renault’s way of testing the waters in a cost-effective manner before perhaps investigating the business case for a similarly-styled variant that could find its way to other markets. Time will tell.

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